We work with families, practices and health plans to eliminate barriers that prevent the families we serve from accessing quality, comprehensive care.  


Our diverse team includes the following:


Medical Director who is a board certified pediatrician and champion for accessible and equitable care


Executive Director who holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Master’s degree in Social Work


Practice Engagement Specialist with a background in public health


Community Health Workers who are trusted members of the community


Asthma Educator with experience providing in-home asthma education


Licensed social worker(s) with expertise in medical social work/pediatric population

Macomb-Oakland Children’s Healthcare Access Program (MCHAP) is an expansion of the Children’s Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) which is a national model that is currently implemented in 26 counties across Michigan. We are professionals and paraprofessionals who work to provide (1) children/families with tools to achieve and maintain optimal health, (2) technical assistance to practices to improve their bottom line related to patient care and payment, (3) population health management support to health plans.

Years of Experience

Counties Being Served

Family/Pediatric Partners

Children Served

We are committed to advancing health equity and improving outcomes by promoting comprehensive, cost-effective, coordinated, quality health care for all children in Macomb and Oakland County.


Our Address

11370 Hupp Avenue

Warren, MI 48089

Our Telephone

Tel: 586-459-5108

Fax: 586-459-5186

Office Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 5PM


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